New York Economic Review

Disparities In The Intensity Of Breast Cancer Treatment

Emma Bojinova

vol. 43, Fall 2012, p. 3-15

Disparities in the survival of breast cancer patients have been observed between African-American and Caucasian women in the United States. The reasons for this differential are still unclear -- part of it can be attributed to differences in biology and genetics, to social, economic, and cultural factors, but also it can be due to racial discrimination. The goal of this paper is to investigate if there are racial differences in the intensity of treatment of breast cancer patients. Based on cross-sectional data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP), various specifications are used to estimate if African-Americans and other racial groups are treated less intensively in comparison with white Americans when they are admitted to hospitals in 35 states. This study provides some evidence for the presence of such disparities.

suggested citation:

Emma Bojinova. "Disparities In The Intensity Of Breast Cancer Treatment." New York Economic Review. vol. 43, Fall 2012, p. 3-15

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