New York Economic Review

Determinants of Alcohol Consumption By College Students

Elia Kacapyr and Samira Choudhury

vol. 37, Fall 2006, p. 3-19

This paper exploits a random survey of 704 Ithaca College students regarding their demographics and alcohol consumption. Regression analysis is used to explore a variety of issues including:

  • gender differences in alcohol consumption
  • whether marijuana and alcohol are complements or substitutes
  • underage drinking
  • the drinking habits of athletes
  • family history and alcohol abuse
  • the efficacy of specific policies designed to curb alcohol consumption by students.

A separate logistic regression is used to explore the determinants of binge drinking. The main finding is that the "social norms" approach to addressing alcohol abuse on campus is based on a false premise.

Perceptions of the typical amount of alcohol consumption on campus have no impact on personal consumption behavior.

suggested citation:

Elia Kacapyr and Samira Choudhury. "Determinants of Alcohol Consumption By College Students." New York Economic Review. vol. 37, Fall 2006, p. 3-19

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