The main reasons for constantly cold feet: vascular atherosclerosis and not only

The main reasons for constantly cold feet: vascular atherosclerosis and not only

The main reasons for constantly cold feet: vascular atherosclerosis and not only

Periodically, there is a situation when the weather is warm outside, but the feet remain cold. Some people do not pay attention to this, and many people still want to know what it is it is the cause of this disease.

Recently, a friend of mine told me that he suffers from the fact that his feet are constantly cold. I decided to visit my doctor and consult him. The medical specialist told him in detail about possible causes. I'll tell you what he said.

"When it's cold outside, then blood vessels begin to narrow, resulting in reduced blood circulation. Due to this, there is a feeling of cold in the legs. This is a natural reaction to the cold. But there are also pathological reasons.

For example, the feeling of cold feet can be affected by strong emotional experiences. This is due to the fact that in the blood gets the stress hormone epinephrine. Its peculiarity is that it narrows the lumen of blood vessels, changing the usual blood flow.

Also, the cause of cold feet is a violation in the functioning of the thyroid gland. It produces the hormone thyroxine. With hypothyroidism, it is observed that it decreases, and a person suffers from thermal sensation and there is a feeling of lack of heat in the legs.

A serious cause can include atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. The main hematopoietic vessels suffer, which enrich the body's cells and nerve endings with useful trace elements. This pathology often develops with diabetes mellitus diabetes.

Another serious cause can be Raynaud's disease. It has a genetic predisposition, also occurs in the presence of trauma or cryoglobulinemia (the presence of certain proteins in the blood serum). It is more often observed in the female population aged 25-45 years. There is a compression of capillaries and blood supply disorders."

My friend had a slightly different reason for cold feet. It turned out that he recently began to eat poorly, sleep little and as a result, his hemoglobin in his blood fell. The doctor advised him to adjust his diet (eat more meat, fresh fruit and drink half a glass after dinner pomegranate juice).

In any case, if there is a symptom of cold feet, do not delay with the diagnosis and contact a specialist in a timely manner.

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