How to get rid of pigmentation: affordable and effective. (the advice of a doctor-cosmetologist)

How to get rid of pigmentation: affordable and effective. (the advice of a doctor-cosmetologist)

How to get rid of pigmentation: affordable and effective. (the advice of a doctor-cosmetologist)

How to treat pigmentation?

As well as participated in the siege of the castle in the past!
It is necessary to take the castle in a ring, surround it with troops from all sides, conduct subversive activities inside and push outside.
And so pigmentation is treated!

We attack from the outside, get rid of internal causes, and after the victory, we maintain the established order with all our strength. We are conducting the offensive in autumn and winter.

And in early spring, we switch to preventive ear surgery.

Photos from the Atlas Dermatology by Thomas Fitzpatrick.

Here is a pigmentation protection program for those who want to live with clean skin.

  1. 3 months before the start of the hot season a - from March - we start drinking beta-carotene . It is an antioxidant that increases the skin's immune system, its stress resistance, ability to withstand the damaging effects ultraviolet. Ideally, to protect against pigmentation, drink beta-carotene for a long time, at least 2-3 months.
  2. Eat a bunch of parsley daily . Parsley contains substances that reduce the synthesis of melanin, which turns the skin brown color.
    (Cosmetics use chemical analogues that are not always safe).
  3. External skin care using preparations with a protective antioxidant effect. Use eco-cosmetics that contain:
  • Vitamins C and e E;
  • Glutathione,
  • Beta-carotene,
  • Plant estrogens, also known as phytoestrogens;
  • Retinol,
  • Green tea,
  • Vegetable oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids: olive, grape seed, walnut.

Be careful ! Cosmetics based on petrochemicals (containing vaseline, mineral oil, and polypropylene glycols) can itself provoke the formation of pigmentation on the skin!).

But here is how you can make an antioxidant oil for skin care:

For 50 ml of base oil, for example, grape seeds, take 15 drops of vitamins A and E (oil solutions) and add 1-2 drops of rose essential oil ( very strong antioxidant effect).

4. Permanent mild exfoliating (peeling) effect on the skin to remove pigmented cells and stimulate cellular renewal updates.

White wine tonic is very good as an ideal tool for caring for pigmented skin (there are acids in the recipe - this is a soft exfoliation, and also moisturizing and regenerating additives).

See the link to the recipe at the end of the article.

5. Gradually accustoming the skin to the sun, starting from the first warm days during the early, soft, morning sun:

From 6 to 8 in the morning and from 18 to 20 in the evening in the warm regions of the country - morning and evening sun baths.
Accustom the skin, starting with 5 minutes, and gradually bring to 10-15 minutes, increasing by 1 a minute per day is the time when the body is fully open. So we get a soft, peachy, very light and beautiful tan, evenly coloring the skin.
This tan will further protect against burns and pigmentation.

5. Be sure to apply light vegetable oil to the face, neck, and decollete before applying it sun bath (coconut, sesame, almond). These oils have a mild sunscreen effect (SPF-15) and will not allow photo - damage to the skin, promoting a healthy tan.

6. In dangerous periods - from 10 to 16 hours in the hot season, it is mandatory to wear a hat and clothes, covering the arms, chest.

It is very important to know that the truly dangerous sun is when it comes to UV rays
the rays are joined by infrared (thermal) radiation.

Their combined effect on the skin gives an oncogenic effect and leads to the appearance of pigmentation. That is, the hotter the higher the temperature and closer to noon - the more dangerous.

And autumn and winter are the best time to attack pigmentation.
The absence of sunshine is the key to success.
But as with a siege, the fewer casualties the better!

It is better not to resort to aggressive methods of treating pigmentation (hard acid and laser peels).

In my practice, there were stories when I was asked for help by clients with persistent pigmentation that appeared after aggressive removal. It is very difficult to treat such secondary pigmentation.

Aggressive actions will only make the task more difficult.
The skin doesn't like it aggressive approach. After them, the pigmentation appears again and in a more pronounced quality.
You need to make the treatment of pigmentation a daily care that will help get rid of it once and for all. This is a very effective method!

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